Here’s the Problem: Your Gay Husband

Here’s the Problem: (our fave site for everything Jesus) posted this gem of an article to help struggling wives figure out if their husband is gay.  Possible tell-tale signs include feigning attention in prayer groups and being sarcastic. You know those gays and their wit (or should I say, those breeders and their lack of humor)

Actual Problem: My favorite sure sign that your man wants cock – he looks at gossip websites.   Sorry boys – it’s confirmed – if you found yourself here, you’re definitely into dudes.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Your Gay Husband

  1. I was pleased yet disappointed to discover that christwire is evidently some kind of sarcastic ironic not real thing. There’s probably a better word, but it’s still early and I didn’t have enough for breakfast. There’s a problem 😛

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