Here’s the Problem: Not That Close

Here’s The Problem: Housewife (aka Prost….Whore) Danielle Staub has decided that she is now a pop star with her dance debut of “Close to You”.  Watch and enjoy.

Actual Problem: She decided to pick up The Situation’s gay cousins outside the studio door and asked them to dance with her.


6 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Not That Close

  1. i was watching this on loop last night. so many jewels:

    the first guy sweating profusely before he even starts vogue-ing (see chest)

    0:19 and who the dude totally messed up the lift. but nobody puts baby in a corner and they continued.

    how of the 3 guys the one who seems most interested in her is the one most obviously NOT interested in her.

    the very awkward and completely gratuitous crotch grab.

    the weird salsa-fist-pump moves at 0:54-0:56. fist pump = obligatory at this point?

    what is the guy on the left doing at 1:07?

    2:08 and the finger. reminds me of snookie and the situation in the hot tub. a little too much for my liking.

    … oh yea and there’s the issue of danielle’s singing.

  2. Diane–nice recap–I managed to miss some of those gems myself 🙂

    Train-wreck-city, lol!


  3. I vote for a Luann/Dan duet.

  4. I just watched it again. OMG it’s even funnier. hahaqhahaha

  5. Oh my god. That is a problem. Huge. I think someone should tell her that Madonna can get away with it because she started when she was a fresh-faced, nubile girl who rocked every house she graced with her presence. Danielle? I hate to say this because it’s child abuse, but she has a better chance to enter the pop music scene by forcing her unwilling and uninterested daughter into trying to make her horrible voice into a pop music career. Ugh. Such a train wreck on all fronts. Still, hard to look away. Thanks for sharing!

  6. ok. so i just watched it again too….3 times. it’s 1:43am and this is better than a night-cap.

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