Here’s The Problem: Cat Registration

Here’s The Problem: On July 16th, 2010 it became mandatory for residents of Long Beach, CA to officially register their cats. To me, that is like having to register a large rat or even a gerbil. But that’s besides the point.  There are costs associated with this registration. For young cats that are not fixed – $90.00, for young cats that are fixed – $20.00 – for old cats – $10.00.

Actual Problem: Feline Agism! What kind of message are we sending? That if you’re old you’re not worth as much???? It saddens me.


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Cat Registration

  1. I think if they’re old, they’re worth more, because they cost less to register. So they will be more in demand than the younger ones. Ha! Silly cat registration. That’s the problem!

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