Here’s the Problem: Overzealous Fan… of Quaker Oats

Faces disguised to protect the "innocent". Cloris Leachman can handle it.

Here’s the Problem:  Over lunch the other day, our unnamed friend shared that he had recently written a complimentary letter to the Quaker Oats company to applaud their new granola bar Rip n’ Go packaging.  He thought, at 3 am, after possibly consuming a number of these easy to grab bars, he should write a letter to Mr. Oat himself.   Enjoy…

Hi there- my name is ***** *****, and I just wanted to let you know that I really love the packaging of these Reduced Sugar Granola Bars. I think it’s brilliant, to be completely honest. Not only have you completely eliminated excess waste by stacking them together instead of a box, but never before have they been easier to access. You just Rip and Go! And, of course, the granola bar itself is delicious. Just wanted to let you know what a fan I am, especially since I feel people always take the time to complain, but never to give praise when something is done right. Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

Actual Problem:  Don’t do drugs, kids.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Overzealous Fan… of Quaker Oats

  1. As an avid letter writer myself, I’d like to give the author of this a cyber high five.

  2. Meth?

    I stayed with an ice enthusiast for two nights while my hardwood floors were being refinished. Major projects were undertaken in the middle of the night – oven cleaning, closet reorganization, interspersed with marathon masturbation sessions encouraged by heapin’ helpings of hardcore gay leather daddy porn.

    The good news is that the floors turned out just lovely. I should have written a note of thanks.

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