Here’s the Problem: The 106-year-old Virgin

Here’s the Problem: Isabelle Blythe just turned 106 and when some Willard Scott-like character asked her the secret to old age she pointed to her virginity.  Homegirl hasn’t even kissed a man/boy/frog in her life.

Actual Problem:  That’s great for Isa here, but too many people take that advice and we’re looking at a final generation of humans.  Nat Geo Special:  When Old Bitties’ Cats Take Over The World.


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: The 106-year-old Virgin

  1. That’ll be me in a few years at this rate 😛

    • I can’t imagine you are going to be 106 in a few years. Unless “this rate” is some sort of light speed aging…. in which case you should talk about it on the Today Show and bang Matt Lauer.

  2. ok maybe a few decades. Or several decades. But I think you get my point 😛

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