Here’s the Problem: Blogger Prom

Here’s the Problem: Last night was Blogger Prom!  A magical night filled with food and drink and more food and cheese on top peanut brittle and people taking out their phones to talk about the food.  From the dress code to the photographer to the incredible gift bags, the night was a huge success.  I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen since last year’s event and met some new ones.  Thanks Blogger Prom Committee for a fantastically planned evening!

Actual Problem:  HTP is still not recognized in the LA community enough to be a Blogger Prom invitee.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great being on the arm of Moye, one of the loveliest 8Asians (a fab blog for your inner asiaphile who can count one of their editors as this years Prom Queen – congrats JozJozJoz!).  But here us now Blogger Prom Committee – we demand a 2011 invite!  … or… kindly and graciously request one.  xoxo


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