Here’s The Problem: STUPID Car Accessories

Here’s The Problem: In case you are confused – what you are looking at is the bottom of a license plate. It says “Davey’s Mommy”. Kinda like when people put their Alma Mater or “Princess” or “I’d Rather Be Shopping” or any of that ridic shit. And all of that I can sorta stomach – but really? Really with the Mommy thing? I get that you’re proud (kinda). I get that Moms are really in love with their kids (kinda)…… but is it necessary to display that on the back of your Honda Accord?

Actual Problem: You know what I really miss seeing? Those bumper stickers that say “My kid can kick you honor roll student’s ass.” Let’s get some more of those out there! Right?? RIGHT??? THAT would be a car accessory to be proud of.


5 responses to “Here’s The Problem: STUPID Car Accessories

  1. I prefer ridiculous vanity plates. My friend’s boyfriend’s sister(‘s cousin’s dog’s asshole….) lived in a building with this chick named Gina who wanted her license plate to reference the fact that she’s, like, a total diva. This is what happened: “DVA GINA”

    … yeah. That just happened.

  2. I think it’s great when moms love their kids. But when they are defined by the fact that they are someone’s mommy, I think it’s kinda pathetic. And I think it’s a bad example to the kid. You are someone’s mommy, but is that really the main thing you ARE in this life? If so, pathetic. You are very right. That IS a problem.

  3. Also, way to give away personal information to the public. Hey guys, I have a little kid! Here’s his name. Please kidnap him.

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