Here’s the Problem: We’re Not Friends

Here’s the Problem:  Yeah, we went to High School together.  We may have shared a lunch period once.  We’ve happened to land up in the same big metropolitan city.  And yeah, I check your lame Facebook updates.

Actual Problem: We’re not friends.  Just cuz we’re both girls doesn’t mean we’re in some kinda club.  I don’t want you to know who my gynecologist is, so please take me off your mass emails where you look for new doctors.   I don’t want to meet you for lunch if you’re near my office and I probably can’t make it to your birthday.

Rule of Thumb:  If I haven’t called/emailed/texted/come up to you drunk at a party and said, “hi,” it’s not because I’m shy.


6 responses to “Here’s the Problem: We’re Not Friends

  1. So true girlfriend…so so so true!

  2. You’ve never drunk texted me. 😦

  3. Oh, Moye – sure I have! Remember when I canceled plans on you last month? I was totally wasted.

  4. We only just met last week, but I’m still hoping for drunk texts.

  5. hahahahaha

  6. Oh, that one time you sent me a text message that I thought you wrote when you were drunk, but I think it was b/c your phone was being knocked around in your bag.

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