Here’s The Problem: Sister Wives & Polygamy

Here’s The Problem: I have an obsession with polygamy. I will admit it. It all started when my pal Kyleigh and I began watching the greatest show on TV – BIG LOVE. Ever since then – I am riveted by all things related to the concept. So, it was only natural that I would be elated when I found out about the TLC reality series – Sister Wives!! Um, lunch box let down. Big time. I was all like, hey man – where is all the sex? Where are the crazy people from the compound? Why are these wives kinda frumpy?

Actual Problem: Turns out, in real life, polygamy isn’t so exciting……a couple of dowdy chicks married to some  mediocre dude is sort of a snoozefest.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Sister Wives & Polygamy

  1. I’m fascinated by it too. Big Love doesn’t do it for me, but any current affairs-type story about a guy and a bunch of wives attracts me… it’s like a car crash. Although in this case, less interesting.

  2. And now they are being investigated by the state of Utah. Who knew that putting your (less-than-legal) lifestyle would bring ATTENTION to your family? I hope nothing bad happens to this family, but they are certainly not as interesting (or sexy) as the cast of Big Love.

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