Here’s the Problem: Your Screenname

Here’s the Problem: Continuing down the troubling path of online dating, I was recently contacted by a guy who asked me to send him some photos off the site.  Obvi, this was never going to happen anyway because I already put up the only good pictures of myself and that should be good enough.  However, he thought my refusal was just too much damn doth protesting and sent me his email address.

No, when you send someone your online dating email (it’s different than the one with your full name, duh), maybe you should think about what else you use that name for.  Because, possibly, in the age of the fucking Craigslist Killer, a chick is going to google that shit before she agrees to meet you under a dimly lit over-pass.

Actual Problem:  Homeboy was also registered under that name at  Don’t feel obligated to visit it now, but just know that FINALLY! there is a site where you can rate the prostitute you just had.

Actual Actual Problem:  Paying for sex but not paying to register for a legit dating site.  I admire your priorities, sir, almost as much as I admire Candy Box – 5 out of 5 stars – props to you girlfriend.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Your Screenname

  1. Any smart man knows that your make a separate email address for registering with sex web sites. FAIL

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