Here’s The Problem: Friendship Anniversary


Bitching in Unison Since.......200-Something


Here’s The Problem: It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate another year in the Fantastic Friendship of Lisa L. and Kara M. Years ago on October 11th, two young girls met at a truly douchey “Hollywood” event. They shared some laughs, they shared some drinks, they shared a love of sarcasm and an obsessive need to get married…..mostly they shared that fact that they were both bat shit CRAZY.

Actual Problem: Years later these girls still only celebrate one anniversary – with each other.


6 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Friendship Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! May you never run out of glamour shots to post.

  2. Yeah, that was my question… where do you get all these pictures??

  3. Congrats ladies!

  4. REALLY? Friendship Anniversary?!!
    Friendship Anniversaries are like Valentine’s Day, another fabricated day made into existence for those people covering up the fact that they are indeed lonely. And fyi… most married people are lonely too!

    [side bar] –

    Main ingredients for GUY REPELLENT:

    1. The NEED to get married.
    2. Public admittance that you are BAT SHIT CRAZY.

    • herestheproblem

      Dear Mr. Mayer,
      It has come to my attention that the root of the Actual Problem here is you.
      You seem to be quite incensed by a simple post on a comedic blog written by two girls you don’t know.
      I also find it highly entertaining that you have attained such a knowledge of what “married people” feel, when I know that you are not blessed with a wife OR a girlfriend for that matter. I suggest you do not get on my bad side – as you know I am BAT SHIT CRAZY…..and I have one tough Fake Mother who could fully kick your ass.

      The KM (not LL) of HTP

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