Here’s The Problem: Who the Hell is Harry Hamlin?

Here’s The Problem: Last night I tuned into TV Land to try and catch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond (don’t judge me) and I was instead, assaulted by a pair of humongous lips that belong to Lisa Rinna. She has a ridic new reality show that follows her and her husband, Harry Hamlin. Now, at one point she says to him “You’re HARRY HAMLIN”, implying that perhaps, he is someone famous? Or perhaps he just forgets his name? In any event, I realized that I had NO idea who this dude is.

Actual Problem: I Googled Harry Hamlin and found that he was once the sexiest man alive! And that he starred on a program called “L.A. Law”……the past is such a mystery to me! Because I am so very young! It’s kinda like last week when someone said “book em Dano” and I was like, HUH?


8 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Who the Hell is Harry Hamlin?

  1. haha — and clearly you were like “HUH” because the person said “book IT Dano.”

  2. herestheproblem

    no no – i think they said it right – is it “em”? – book “em”? I changed it to try and make it correct…the point is – i don’t know shit.

  3. Here’s my problem: I recognized him from Veronica Mars. (Don’t judge me.)

  4. Oh, and in my defense, I had no idea what his name was.

  5. He was Perseus in Clash of the Titans! The original! Many Krakens were felled by his blade!

  6. herestheproblem

    In that magazine cover he looks a lot like a gay guy I dated. I’d say “that” gay guy, but it wouldn’t narrow it down.

  7. For a brief moment in the early 80’s, it seemed like Harry Hamlin was going places.

  8. I am not normally one to comment but I have to step in here. It makes me a little sad that considering where you work you don’t know Mr. Harry Hamlin. Sex, Lies and Obsession…one of his best (worst) roles ever! Deadly Intentions…Again? Her Deadly Rival? Army Wives? None of these are ringing a bell???

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