Here’s the Problem: Celeb Separation Craze

I don't know what this is, but it's funnier if you say it like Brick

Here’s the Problem:  It’s all falling apart on the relationship side of Hollywood.  It’s like Cupid took off for Columbus Day and forgot to put up and out of office message!  Count ’em with me now:

Courtney Cox and David Arquette – Dunzo (this is your fault, Scream 4)

Ben Harper and Laura Dern – Finito (this is your fault uneven paychecks)

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman – Overskies (this is your fault Xtina – let’s be honest)

Actual Problem: Who the fuck cares?  Oh, Kara does.  She just said she feels really sad.  Listen kid – buck up and deal with your own ish.  Famous people realize that spending your life with someone is as fruitless and frustrating as normal folks do.  But you’re right, Jordan Bratman is  not very attractive.  He should have worked harder.



One response to “Here’s the Problem: Celeb Separation Craze

  1. I just found your website yesterday, yet I’ve currently read 4 months of posts. I think I love you girls?

    The site that comic comes from is, but I think you should check out Both are great, but I think Natalie is more your (you gals’) style.

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