Here’s the Problem: The Rally To Restore Irony (From Guest Blogger Sam!!)

Here’s the Problem:  A lot of people I otherwise respect sure are putting their faith (ut oh… dirty word!) behind this Jon Stewart rally.  I love The Daily Show as much as the next pseudo-intellectual but do people really think going to this cleverly positioned comedy show will make a meaningful statement?  I assure you, the hallowed institutions of Comedy Central and Sarcasm will remain intact with or without a massive turnout.  If you want to make an impact, why not volunteer at a soup kitchen that weekend or donate your would-be travel expenses to a local cause.

Actual Problem: ME.  I’ve never so much as been to a soup kitchen and the only local causes I’ve donated to are micro breweries.

**Thanks to Sam for being a pillar of comedy in my life.  I’d rally for him, but like, only 20 minutes and I’m not holding a sign or anything.  Fair?


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