Here’s The Problem: Tegan & Sara….

Here’s The Problem:

kara: did you know that tegan and sara are sisters?

lisa: yes

lisa: yes i did

kara: i always thought they were girlfriends

lisa: both lesbians

lisa: not with each other

lisa: right

kara: WHAT???

kara: how does that happen?

kara: unless Cher is your Mom

lisa: it’s one tough thanksgiving

kara: in other T&S mysteries…..

kara: Walking with a Ghost – has been around since around 2007

kara: yet

kara: it’s on their 2010 album?

kara: why? Why dynamic duo of lesbian sisters?

Actual Problem:

lisa: walking with a ghost has been around since i was in college

kara: OMG

lisa: cha

kara: this is a problem

lisa: haha

lisa: for our hipster audience

kara: it’s like when Cyndi Lauper releases Time After Time every year!


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Tegan & Sara….

  1. Wait, I thought they were lesbians with each other, too.

  2. who and who? Maybe that’s the problem 😛

  3. This website is utter crap.. Tegan and Sara ROCK! 🙂

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