Here’s the Problem: Sweet Valley Confidential

Here’s the Problem:  OMG you guys!! Remember when you were  like, 10 and like, The Babysitters Club books were getting super boring and you snuck home a Sweet Valley High book from RIF and then your mom was like, “Wait.  Are they talking about boys? No.  This is too old for you.”  And you cried into your Jansport, but you read them in secret anyway?  No? You didn’t get off on reading about blonde Calfornian twins with a flashlight under your blanket? Fine. You’re lame. And probably illiterate.

Anyway… THEY’RE BACK!!  Francine Pasqual, the author of the original series is releasing an actual grown up book with a conclusion to the Sweet Valley saga and guess what??? Elizabeth and Jessica don’t even talk anymore!  I know!!

Actual Problem: Reading about a fictional character’s first kiss when you’re 11 is so much better than reading about her first divorce when you’re too old to care about crumbs in your bed.


6 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Sweet Valley Confidential

  1. Remember the book when Jessica died her hair black and pretended to be a French foreign exchange student?

  2. it’s because that slutty jessica slept with liz’s boyfriend…

  3. I feel like I’ve missed out on a whole aspect of jr. chick lit. I miss lots of references when I get together with other women my age now. When I was growing up (and sneaking books) the were usually Fear Street or Christopher Pike books. Yup, I was that creepy kid in the corner.

  4. YES, YES I DO.

    I also remember the one where Jessica and Elizabeth didn’t dress up like each other on April Fool’s Day and Elizabeth got in all sorts of trouble all day long, but it was really a school-wide joke on Elizabeth.

    And the one where Jessica… what was it? She sprained her ankle, or broke her foot, or SOMETHING where she had to be on crutches so she made the school’s ‘olympics’ a ‘special olympics’ so she could compete on her crutches. (Of course, she won.)

    Um, I’m going to stop talking now.

  5. You clearly didn’t read the first chapter. Elizabeth cries after sex and it uses the word orgasm on at least two occasions.

    /world’s biggest Sweet Valley High Fan
    //maybe that’s my actual problem.

  6. See, I read Sweet Valley Twins, but never Sweet Valley High, and I feel like I really missed out because I only know them as innocent little girls.

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