Here’s the Problem: TV Demotions

Here’s the Problem: My tonsilitis-imposed insomnia has lead me to make some very interesting observations on the front of TV professionals (that is, characters who have a job on TV, not people like Any Cohen (who is far from a TV “professional” btw)).

Anywho!  There are two current workplace-shows where the boss man is demoted and then consequently re-promoted within the course of a year

  1. Michael Scott on The Office who takes a step down to salesman when Jim steps up to Regional Manager
  2. Chief Webber steps down as chief on Grey’s Anatomy due to his alcoholism and is replaced by McDreamy.  The swap happens the following season when everyone realizes that PTSD is more serious than boozing too much so they give Wet Willy Webber his job back.

Actual Problem:  At 4 am, lying on the couch, I was sure I could write an entire thesis paper on this.  At 11:30 am, sitting at my desk, I’m getting bored just finishing this blog post.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: TV Demotions

  1. Chief Webber doesn’t replace Derek because of the PTSD. Derek just realizes that he would prefer to spend all his time in an operating room, rather than up to his neck in paperwork as chief of staff. And Webber is not drinking anymore anyway.

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