Here’s The Problem:Halloween is only for YOUNG Whores

Here’s The Problem: Guys, my slutty days have passed me by……..ok let’s be real – I have never had a “slutty” day in my life…….but on Halloween I used to dress like one. I used to have these rocking parties where I got wayyyy too drunk and wore push up bras and started (small & containable) fires in my apartment and  I was Snow White in stilettos (kinda like this whore in the picture)… more.

Actual Problem: My mother tells me not to age myself by saying I’m 30 when I’m actually 27 but I gotta tell ya – some things just don’t fly anymore at this age. For instance it might have been really cute to be a passed out slut-bag princess with Snickers wrappers in my hair and one hand clutching an empty bottle of tequila when I was 22 but NOW….


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem:Halloween is only for YOUNG Whores

  1. Trying working at a high school. The fingertips test simply doesn’t register as a dictate of appropriateness.

  2. P.S. How do I sign up for an account so that, rather than a weird Jurassic Park-esque Chaos Theory series of triangles, I get to put up an awesome avatar that truly expresses my individuality?

  3. miss those small fires…ps…respond to my email…pss…sorry for going off topic on your blogsite..

  4. Reminds me of my weekend…

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