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Here’s the Problem: TV Demotions

Here’s the Problem: My tonsilitis-imposed insomnia has lead me to make some very interesting observations on the front of TV professionals (that is, characters who have a job on TV, not people like Any Cohen (who is far from a TV “professional” btw)).

Anywho!  There are two current workplace-shows where the boss man is demoted and then consequently re-promoted within the course of a year

  1. Michael Scott on The Office who takes a step down to salesman when Jim steps up to Regional Manager
  2. Chief Webber steps down as chief on Grey’s Anatomy due to his alcoholism and is replaced by McDreamy.  The swap happens the following season when everyone realizes that PTSD is more serious than boozing too much so they give Wet Willy Webber his job back.

Actual Problem:  At 4 am, lying on the couch, I was sure I could write an entire thesis paper on this.  At 11:30 am, sitting at my desk, I’m getting bored just finishing this blog post.


Here’s the Problem: Audrina’s Mom

Here’s the Problem: Check out Audrina Patridge’s mom everyone! She’s just as embarrassing and shameful to watch as her daughter, but this lady actually has personality.

Actual Problem: This sort of post-Dancing with the Stars-elimination-mom-interview should have been required of all contestants. I’m looking at you Bristol.

**Thanks to Nora for sending the video. Thank God our moms would NEVER get this drunk (…in front of a camera crew)



Here’s The Problem: Taylor Swift

Here’s The Problem: Taylor Swift is on the cover of People magazine because her new album has just been released. Promotion, promotion, promotion! The cover story is: Taylor Swift Tells All! My Untold Story. What the hell kind of “untold story” can this girl possibly have?????? She’s 20! I’m 27 and I barely have a story that I’ve told everyone!!!

Actual Problem: It really frosts my cookies that kids these days try to make something dramatic out of everything. Did you have it hard Taylor? Did the other kids tease you cause you could sing with a twang? Did the whole Kanye thing send you to therapy? Pipe down. That’s not an untold story. That’s whining……in this case, to a catchy tune.

Help Save HTP!!!!!!!!!!!

Only YOU – our loyal readers – our Problem Peeps (listen – we’ll come up with a better name for you all once we’re super famous – we’re not Lady Fucking Gaga, so hold your damn horses!) can help us now!

Lisa needs her tonsils out!

Kara needs a trim at Super Cuts!

Only YOU can help!

Here’s the Problem: Hiccup Girl (an Intern Hillary post!!!!!!)

Here’s the Problem: Well here’s a blast from morning show past!
Remember “Hiccup Girl?” She was featured on the Today Show back in
2007 because she had a condition that made her hiccup like a bajillion
times an hour. Well apparently she has a name, Jennifer Mee, and a new
trick, she’s a murderer! Like cold blooded y’all!

Actual Problem: I don’t want to burst your bubble lady, but holding
your breath and drinking water upside down isn’t going to make this go

Actual Actual Problem: My roommate, who shall remain nameless, is
legit upset about this because “awww she was the girl with all the
hiccups and everyone wanted to help her!” Seriously right now?

Actual Actual Actual Problem*: Kara’s had the hiccups every day for about 3 weeks now and you don’t want to see her list of people she wants to off.



This is not a problem.

This is not a test.

Kara and I are generally miserable people who take solace in sharing our misery and yet there is one thing that makes us both so very happy (aside from booze), and that is Boo.

Boo is the cutest dog thing that has ever existed in the history of being able to judge things.

We normally want you to be as unhappy as we are, but Boo has changed that all.  Please, rejoice.



Ok.  That enough.  Now be reminded that life sucks.

Here’s the Problem: Publishing The Jersey Shore

Here’s the Problem:  The Situation just released what is going to be the cover of his upcoming book, “A Guide to… something offensive about chicks and probably Italians, but they’ll embrace it and disguise their shame with pride”.   (PS. Thank God he’s lifting up his shirt, otherwise I woulda been all “What?! Tolstoy is making a comeback?!” ) This is just weeks after Snookie announced her book deal.  “What?” you say.  “That’s ridic!  People who like Jersey Shore don’t read.”  That joke’s been taken –

Actual Problem:  There is an overlap.  She’s typing this right now.  Bring it on Guidos.