Here’s the Problem: The Michaels/Cyrus Love Affair (From Guest Blogger Lara!!)

Here’s the Problem: It seems as though rock(of Love)er Bret Michaels isn’t quite the family man that Life As I Know It paints him to be. Well, at least not with his family. Turns out in addition to letting Miley rip off one of his songs, he also bizzoned her mom.

Actual Problem: I was kind of hoping that the Michaels/Cyrus affair would take the form of of the Swift/Mayer fiasco, simultaneously disgusting us while putting out a catchy tune or two. Plus, I think it’s about time Miley found a way to upstage T. Swift for good.

**Read more about Lara’s misguided pop music sensibilities (really – Miley over T-Bags?  Not in this house) at cLARAfications.


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