Here’s The Problem: Kim Kardashian isn’t Married

pipe down.

Here’s The Problem: Wah. Wah. Wah. Pipe DOWN. Usually I am so on board with the Kardashian gals but this time I just cannot. I just cannot. Really Kim? REALLY? You’re gonna complain?You are a millionaire. You have huge boobs. You’re hot. You dated dudes from the NFL. Your mom is cool. You have your own perfume. You have the funds to pay for electrolosis so all your arm hair can be removed….You have a bunch of super fun sisters to hang out with all the time. You have it all. Stop. Whining.

Actual Problem: I can complain about this (so can many of my pals) but YOU cannot Kim. You cannot.


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Kim Kardashian isn’t Married

  1. Mrah mrah. My wallet’s too small for my $50s and my diamond shoes are too tight.

  2. Well, I thought I’d be a millionaire by this age… Actually, Kim – I will give you my ex-husband if you give me your millions. Deal?

  3. a lot of celebs were married and divorced by now–what’s she crying about? That’s what I tell myself all the time at least 😛

  4. You just inspired me to write a blog post about this too. I’ll give you mad cred, no worries. Point is — *bitch already was married for 4 years.*

    So it’s more like “WAH WAH, I’m 30 and haven’t hit my SECOND MARRIAGE yet.”

    I feel *so much more* sorry.

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