Here’s the Problem: Royal Blah Blah Blah

[BLOG KETCHUP – Chapter 2]

A series of posts about everything I missed while I was on liquid Vicoden-induced bed rest

Here’s the Problem:  I spent the last 14 days in bed with a distinctly outlined routine:

7 AM – Today Show

9 AM – Regis & Kelly

10 AM – The View

11 AM – Recorded hour of Today with Kathy Lee and Hoda

12 Noon – Nap

1 PM – The Talk

2 PM – Return my mother’s call from that morning to discuss the TV we’ve watched so far

So you can imagine how OVER this royal engagement bullshit I am.  God help me if I don’t get round the clock media coverage when I get proposed to.  Also, just God help me in general.  Consider this my prayer of the day.

Actual Problem: He gave her his mom’s ring.  His deceased (and previously DIVORCED) mother’s ring.  He’s the fucking Price of England.  He can’t afford a ring that didn’t come off the finger of a woman who was in a doomed marriage?


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