Here’s the Problem: Stranded Cruise Ship

[BLOG KETCHUP – Chapter 3]

A series of posts about everything I missed while I was on liquid Vicoden-induced bed rest

Here’s the Problem:  How concerned were you with all those poor vacationers who thought they were on a stress-free getaway when their cruise ship engine busted leaving them in the middle of the ocean with stopped-up toilets and only cans of tuna fish and Spam to sustain them?

Actual Problem:  Legit that sucks, but y’all were not the white person version of the Chilean miners. Those guys would have killed for some Spam sandwiches. And luggage with extra clothes. And daylight.  Get over it cruisers.


**Ok, that’s all for today.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about the Bristol Palin DWTS scandal, Oprah’s favorite things, and all the times Barbara shot Whoopi death eyes on The View.


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