Here’s the Problem: TSA Pat Down

[BLOG KETCHUP – Chapter 1]

A series of posts about everything I missed while I was on liquid Vicoden-induced bed rest

Here’s the Problem:  It came to my attention that some people (namely the ones I share a couch and a rental payment with) were unaware of the new TSA regulations that require a fairly invasive pat down if you opt out of the boner-revealing scanner.  Apparently, like all busy, media-savvy young professionals, they get get all their news from HTP and so I take sole responsibility.

Actual Problem:  What I’m not responsible for is this, because this dude is not media-savvy in the slightest.  Despite being “humiliated” about being soaked in his own urine after one of these TSA molestations, he doesn’t mind sharing his embarrassing story with everyone who googles “TSA Pat Down”

P.S.: His name is Tom Sawyer.


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