Here’s the Problem: Bristol Palin’s Mirrored Ballz

[BLOG KETCHUP – Chapter 4]

A series of posts about everything I missed while I was on liquid Vicoden-induced bed rest

Here’s the Problem: Bristol Palin is not a star and she cannot dance . The bitches on The View (and all the wannabe bitches on every other daytime, late night and youtube show) want you to know that.    But despite the fact that she’s completely ignored the title of the show she’s on, she’s made it to the final and is mere hours away from claiming DWTS’s coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

Actual Problem: Every yenta wants to get their panties in a bunch because Bristol’s relying on her momma bear’s popularity to win her a damn reality show.  I say let the teen mom have her day. Winning a dance contest won’t entitle her to outlaw abortion or gay marriage.  So go ahead and waste your Palin vote on, not anywhere that matters.


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