Here’s the Problem: Oprah’s Favorite Things

[BLOG KETCHUP – Chapter 5]

A series of posts about everything I missed while I was on liquid Vicoden-induced bed rest

Here’s the Problem:  OMG you guys! Who wants to spend 2 hours watching people who are better than you get nicer things than you can afford?  Answer: EVERYONE!  Why? Because we like seeing people get overly excited about shit as if the most famous person in the world hand picked them to get a new car.  Cuz that’s what happened.

Actual Problem: As soon as Oprah utters a syllable of one her favorite things it goes on back order till the Chinese sweatshop workers that makes this crap * grow skin back on their fingers.   Next year I watch this east coast live.


*It’s called a ziplock, but that won’t get the same reaction sticking out of a stocking.


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