Here’s the Problem: Unfestive Parade Balloons

Here’s the Problem:  Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade yesterday and there were a number of giant balloons floating down 5th Ave that showed no sign of the season.  How hard is it to put a Santa Hat on, Kermie?

Actual Problem:  The lack of forethought.  It’s not like, “oh, it would be so expensive to put a wreathe around Garfield’s neck because then we’d have to redo the whole balloon for the Arbor Day Parade”.  No!  There is one parade a year – make it worth my fucking time.

**Special Thanks to Michael Kutach for alerting a group whose bellies were more full of champagne than turkey that there is a REASON FOR THIS SEASON.  And that reason is being themed out and festive and gay.  In all senses of the word.


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