Here’s the Problem: Bridalplasty

Here’s the Problem: Who caught E!’s new hit show last night, Bridalplasty?  You know, the competition elimination show where brides-to-be compete to go back in time and be on The Swan.  None of you?  Really?  Who knew we had so many self respecting readers who found better use of their time?!

Actual Problem: It’s uhh… actually… ummm… I’ll just say it.  It’s good.  Not like, 5 Gays 1 Girl good, but certainly at least Conveyor Belt of Love good.   I cried at one point and not because my soul was aching for the lack of self-esteem these women had (or the fact that E! found so many girls with daddy issues and big noses that could still find men to marry them), but because there was actually a very touching moment with a uniformed soldier who came to see his fiance.

Actual Actual Problem:  Host Shanna Moakler.  Not like I expected more from her, or hoped she had higher standards.   I just don’t want to see her face so much.  Maybe all the brides-to-be can chip in and get her some PS for the finale.  That’s a twist I’ll stick around for.


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Bridalplasty

  1. I watched this last night and told my roommate that there would definitely be a post about this today. I knew it! This show is so fucking ridiculous that it’s hard not to watch. My favorite part was the injectables party…seriously?!

  2. borrowedblue&NEW

    Just you wait. This show gets fucking genius 😀

  3. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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