Here’s the Problem: Sally Field, Q&A’s and FSE

Here’s the Problem:  I’m usually good at distinguishing what funny parts of conversations would make good blog posts and what are just “you have to be there” moments, but over the weekend when a friend said, “How come Sally Field gets to pedal Boniva and Jamie Lee Curtis just gets poop yogurt?” I wrote it down because I really thought there was something there.

I came into work this morning, looked at all my emails to myself with the subject “htp” and did some research on Sally and Boniva and found this.   This “article” is a problem.

A. (let’s get the superficial out of the way) That man’s photo – specifically his hairline and tie.

B. The first line to his answer of the first question is irrelevant to all parties involved.

C. His answer to the second question is completely worthless.

I can only assume that these are the only two questions he received this week because they’re both stupid.  Man from question 1 watches too much TV and is paying attention to the wrong parts.  Man/boy from question 2 obviously has a problem with direction as proven by going to RPI for marketing and asking Fucking Stuart Elliot for job advice. Speaking of Fucking Stuart Elliot (who will henceforth be known as FSE, and yes, he will appear in future blog posts), he

A. Doesn’t have a wikipedia page and thus should not exist on the pages of the New York Times.

B. Lists the following as hobbies in his NYT bio: politics, popular culture, American history and nostalgia, especially old advertising.

Those aren’t hobbies FSE! They may be interests (and incredibly dry ones at that), but you aren’t actively DOING any of those things.  Especially old advertising.

Actual Problem:  Jamie Lee Curtis just gets to sell poop yogurt.


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