Here’s the Problem: Personal Problem Tuesday! (By Anonymous Guest Blogger)

Here’s the Problem: I’m** possibly starting to maybe see someone casually who works in the movie industry which means his access to swag is pretty good.  Now, I always say,  “I’ll do anything for my friends” and another one of my favorite sayings is “I’ll try anything twice!”  But having sex with someone just so a friend can get a free DVD and save $20…I don’t know I just don’t think I’m ready to take that plunge.

Actual Problem: If it makes me a prostitute I’d do it (but only like a high class one like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”.  I love that movie and I would totally be a guy’s escort if he put me up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, bought me jewelry and hired the hotel concierge (Hector Elizondo) to teach me how to be a classy lady). I’m just hoping it’s not going to be a big mistake.  Huge.

Actual Problem (and advice from the HTP girls): Buy your friend the fucking DVD.  Maybe you can find a coupon for your dignity.

**Henceforth all mentions of the first person refer to to the writer – the anonymous guest writer.  Not Lisa or Kara.  Get it?

If you have a problem that needs sharing (or maybe some solving) send it! No refunds on any bad advice.   xoxo


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