Here’s the Problem: Naked Miley vs. New Life Form

Here’s the Problem: I have just learned about two very interesting pieces of news and I can’t figure out which to post about.  Why not post about both, you say?  Because.  Shut up, this is my blog.  So here we go –

Story A: NASA found a new life form at the bottom of a poisonous lake in California and it’s made of arsenic which is like… woah in so many ways.

Story B: Miley Cyrus’s phone got jacked and someone posted all the nudey photos she took of herself.   Which apparently are not so woah in not so many ways.

Actual Problem:  I’d be so much more interested if we found out Miley was made of arsenic.  It’s a much better explanation for her dumbass actions than, “She’s just being Miley”.


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