Here’s the Problem: Steve Martin is $50 Worth of Boring

Well, excuuuuuuse me.

Here’s the Problem:  Steve Martin recently wrote a book about art.  Then he set up an event at a Y in NY to talk about art .  A lot of people who enjoy art and Steve Martin bought tickets to hear him talk about art.  Then, when all these ticket holders sat down and started listening, they were bored.  They booed.  The Y is now refunding their money.

Actual Problem:  I call bullshit.  I went to see Morning Glory a couple weeks ago and it sucked giant balls.  I went in thinking it might suck giant balls, and about 20 minutes in, the giant ball sucking was confirmed.  This is my fault.   I’m not asking for my money back.  I’m demanding better judgment from myself in the future.  I’d rather have watched Steve Martin be a complete bore.  Hell, I have.


One response to “Here’s the Problem: Steve Martin is $50 Worth of Boring

  1. I have been wondering lately why ‘sucking balls’ has become a metaphor for doing a sub par job. Seems to me that, in the literal sense, if someone is sucking balls, they are doing a pretty good job at… the job they’re doing.

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