Here’s The Problem: Your Super Obnoxious Kid

Here’s The Problem: You know when you’re out somewhere and there are kids – tiny kids – with their parents – and they’re SCREAMING bloody murder and maybe climbing on tables or throwing things? Well, this happened yesterday and prompted us to ask the question: Why Does This Happen? If I had been in a public place when I was say, 3 or 4, and I started having some sort of obscene tantrum, my father would have given me a look of death – and that would have been IT. Done. I would have feared for my little life for the rest of the outing. But nowadays, kids tend to run thier parents which is quite disturbing.


Actual Problem: Shitty parenting.







3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Your Super Obnoxious Kid

  1. I knew the look of death WELL. Really, really well. And I’ll say AMEN on the shitty parenting front. I see these kids and I recall them later when my ovaries want to be flooded with hormons and actually have a biological clock.

  2. My mom would grab be by my arm and drag me out and put me in the car… to sit and wait. alone. But now-a-days that’s considered child abuse so parents are scared to discipline their kids. A double Amen to the shitty parenting statement!

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