Here’s the Problem: Celebs! They’re Just Like Us!

Here’s the Problem:  Apparently Jennifer Aniston has her panties in a bunch because her BFF Chelsea Handler won’t stop slammin on her ex-man’s wife.   It’s just like real life when your homegirl is telling everyone about how the your ex is hottest man in the world but he’s dating some other bitch and you’re all like, “oh come on… it’s ok… I just don’t want to talk about it. I’d rather be alone with my billions of dollars.  It’s cool…”

Actual Problem:  Ok, fine. It’s a little different.  Maybe it’s sort of like the time Kara and I both dressed like sluts for work one day and call our hallway Hooker Row and made inappropriate comments about married men.  Ok, it’s not like that either… But there’s something here that makes us very similar to these hoes. Oh! Oh! I got it!  Like J-Ans and C-Hands we’re both lonely and people suspect we’re older (than we are) lesbians!  We ARE like celebrities!


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