Here’s the Problem: Benjamins, JSars and Miley Cyrus

Here’s the Problem: Y’all – have you seen the new $100 bills?  They’re in 3-fucking-D y’all!  Yes! You can pay for that Avatar DVD with a hundy and have a full day where it looks like something’s coming at you.  (maybe it is, so be cautious).

Actual Problem: Yeah, that’s cool and all, but 3-D has gone a little too far, don’t you think?  I mean, first Crest Toothpaste and now this?  What’s next?

Actual Actual Problem:  Punch line courtesy of Jason Sarlanis (go ahead, google him) who might be the funniest man in the world… at least at 1 am when I’m scavenging for Frosted Flakes.  Speaking of which, Miley finds him HILARIOUS too.  Just watch…

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