Here’s the Problem: Carrie Fisher’s Mom Ruins the Thought of ALL Life

Here’s the Problem:  So back in the day, Debbie Reynolds wanted her daughter, Carrie, to have a child with her then husband, Richard Hamlett.   No, Richard was not Carrie’s father, but this is still gross.  You know it’s gross.  I know it’s gross.  Maybe you don’t know why it’s gross, so let me spell it out –  most women don’t want to think about their husband’s sperm inside they’re daughter’s vajayjay.  Fair.

Actual Problem: Luckily for old Debster, this disturbing thought never crossed her mind because she thought artificial insemination was easily done with a syringe and the spot you didn’t get your flu shot in.

I just thought you put a needle in and then you put it in her arm, and there you have a little baby

Another reason why there should have to pass a test (more difficult than peeing on a stick) to have children.

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