Here’s the Problem: December Celebrity Breakups!!!!!!!

Here’s the Problem: YES!!! It’s finally starting to feel like December bitches.  Not because it’s getting colder.  And not because the city is overpopulated with wreathes and lights and other things that make Jews hate themselves.  But because it’s BREAK UP TIME!!!! (Like t-shirt time but a bit more depressing).  Right before the holidays is the BEST time to break up!  You can cross that person off your shopping list AND look forward to angry sex with a rando on New Years Eve.  Thankfully a slew of hot celebs are getting on the December break up train.

Let’s count them:

1. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johanson

2. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgeons

3.  Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter*

Actual Problem: None!  Me and my blog crush, Lara**, are super stoked.  Nothing makes you feel better about your own failure of a life than when hot people who once made you feel even bad are feeling even worser!

*Propsss to Nicole Searls for her research on the topic.  She is my go-to for any celebrity gossip I can’t remember and photos of nights I also can’t remember.

**Sorry Moye.


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