Here’s The Problem: Nicole Richie’s Elephant

Here’s The Problem: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married over the weekend and apparently there was an elephant involved. I’m not sure what role the bedazzled pachyderm played in the nuptials…what I DO know is that I think it’s RIDIC.

Actual Problem: The cost of the elephant alone is more than will be spent on my entire wedding.

Actual Actual Problem: What wedding am I talking about?????


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Nicole Richie’s Elephant

  1. No, this makes perfect sense. Because when it’s your wedding day, people have to follow you around doing shit for you. Nicole has an elephant so people will have to do shit for her AND literally pick up animal shit. Because she’s rich. And better than you. Gawd, I wish I had money…

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