Here’s the Problem: New Years Eve

Here’s the Problem:  New Years Eve, in general.  What a shitty night to go out, be tormented by drunk drivers, and be unsatisfied by an evening you are forced to celebrate  (not me, of course.  I had a really lovely evening with a group of people who were practically named by the Spirit of New Jersey – not the boat, the actual NJ Spirit… did you even know there’s a boat called the Spirit of New Jersey?  Of course you didn’t.  Because you think New Jersey is just about needles on the shore, prostitution whores and homophobia.  Well ok, but it’s also about cruise ships called The Spirit of New Jersey that take you around the Hudson the night of graduation so you don’t get drunk).  Where was I? Ah yes.  New Years Eve.  Whatever.  I’m done.

Actual Problem: Ok, I’m sick and shutting down.  Kara’s got a bundle to say about Snookie and break ups and the other LL who can’t hold down a healthy relationship.  Take it away girlfriend.

One response to “Here’s the Problem: New Years Eve

  1. Every year I think, “this is the year that I will celebrate the most anti-climatic holiday ever by actually leaving my house.” And every year, I am wrong because NYE is stupid and who does want to brave the crowds, etc? Not I.

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