Here’s the Problem: Today’s Posts Brought To You By You, Me and Nyquil

Here’s the Problem:  We have some BIG news here at HTP headquarters.  BIG.  GIANT.  HUGE.  (and other words that are emphasized by capital letters).   But I’ve been sick and Kara’s* been leaving her license at bad hook-ups’ apartments**  so we haven’t been able to work on what it takes to bring you this GIANT HUGE news.

Actual Problem:  We’ve noticed that when we don’t post anything, no one reads this shit, so announcing our GIANT HUGE NEWS means nothing.   To rectify (haha, rect) this problem today is going to be full of half-assed posts designed solely to drum up readership and make our GIANT HUGE NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT worthwhile.

I vow today, in my deepest of fluish symptoms, to write a post on everything and anything you want to hear about.  Your suggestions are my command.   Spit them out to


**the worst part about leaving things in your back pocket.


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