Here’s the Problem: Babysitting Wii Game

Here’s the Problem: Nintendo is coming out with a babysitting game for Wii called Babysitting Mama where the controller is a baby doll and the objective is to … not kill it, I suppose?

Actual Problem:  If video games are your main source of child-rearing instruction, you should also look into the Wii Home Vasectomy Game.

** Special Thanks to Shawn Lynch for finding this and being sufficiently bothered by it – he’s got a good eye for things.  Just look at those photographs!


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Babysitting Wii Game

  1. We bought this for my four year old daughter. She loves it! That being said, it drives me crazy, the ‘baby’ is almost always crying…loudly…and the game constantly reminds you to “never shake the baby”….which really just makes me want to shake the damn thing.

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