Here’s the Problem: Ted Williams Not Allowed to Fly/I’m Still Not Racist

Here’s the Problem: As we ummm… “reported” (?) yesterday, Ted Williams is awesome.  And part of his prize for people realizing his awesomeness was a flight to NY to be reunited with his elderly mother after 10 years of estrangement.  However, when Ted got to the airport he was not allowed to get on his plane due to lack of identification.  Imagine that – the homeless guy forgot to renew his driver’s license. Anyway, he spent the day at city hall getting a new birth certificate and was finally allowed to board his plane and see his momma.

**Special Thanks to reader “Eternalu” who commented on the post we wrote yesterday and presented this second half of the story that was suspiciously left out of Williams’ Today Show interview this morning.  What was not left out of the Today Show interview?  Matt Lauer commenting on how Williams looks like our president.  Racism vindication achieved!!

Actual Problem:  What did I take away from this story?  The fact that Ted is 53 and his mom is 92.  Which means I have TONS of time to still meet someone, get knocked up, give birth to a drug addict and stay alive to see him turn his life around (but probably die before it goes down the shitter again).


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