Here’s The Problem: Don’t Want No Short Short Man

Here’s The Problem: Listen, I know that I am a short girl. 5 feet tall to be exact. And I know that it is often more difficult for men of a smaller stature to date due to the fact that most gals want someone who is taller……however, I often find myself in a terrible predicament because my friends want to hook me up with all of these little hobbits. It happens to Lisa (a few inches taller than me) as well!

Actual Problem: I am looking to breed here folks. The first boy I even let kiss me was 6’3! So – as Lisa basically said, if all we have in common is our inseam – we got NOTHIN’!


One response to “Here’s The Problem: Don’t Want No Short Short Man

  1. Your not gonna do well in life if you’re shallow and judgemental… the thing about the breeding and wanting taller kids…. if you were a normal person you would love your kids whatever their height – especially as you yourself are very short. This is one of the weirdest, most shallow, immature posts ive read. Grow up quick or your life will carry on getting worse with people treating you like you behave.. an immature, spoilt little girl.

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