Here’s the Problem: Flash Mob Wedding

Here’s the Problem:  I haven’t been doing a TON of crying lately (i.e. I’ve gotten through entire Pantene commercials completely dry), but I nearly lost it on the Flash Mob Wedding.

Actual Problem:  Sometimes you need to see a Jewy guy give up his machismo to get married amongst a glee club in a mall to realize that there is someone out there for everyone.  ::le sigh::

3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Flash Mob Wedding

  1. Oh why did you have to show this? My day of chocolate cake for breakfast and a House marathon couldn’t get much more pathetic.

    But now I’m also sobbing at my computer. Really?

    I am glad I’m not the only sappy one, though.

  2. I would totally get married at the Pru, it’s the classiest mall.

  3. Maybe I’m having an off day, I thought it was dumb. My currently-non-existent fiance thinks he’s getting off that easy, he has another thing coming…

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