Here’s the Problem: Celebrity Pregnancies

Here’s the Problem:  A slew – SLEW! – of celebrities have announced they’re preggers since 2011 started.  If you’re a list kinda person, get your rocks off to this:

Kate Hudson

Rachel Zoe

Tia Mowry


Owen Wilson’s girlfriend

Marion Cotillard

Natalie Portman

Victoria Beckham

Jane Krakowski


Actual Problem:   While I’m sure many people (if not even a few on this list) want and are excited about the prospect of offspring, many of those above have openly admitted that their oven-bunnin’ was not “planned”.   If anyone can afford Plan A (that’s adoption for you Christians) or Plan B (uhhh… B-rhythm Method?) it’s celebrities.  Get your ish together ladies! You have a career and it requires entertaining us – the Unfertile  Myrtles of the world.



2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Celebrity Pregnancies

  1. Why is there a photo of Paris Hilton? Is she pregnant too?

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