Here’s the Problem: Look it Up KTTV!!!

Here’s the Problem:  I turned on the TV this morning for my daily dose of Matt Lauer and I guess I had fallen asleep to some bullshit on Fox because I was greeted by the panel of monkeys who host Good Day Live once the picture came on.   I would have changed it then, but was way too sucked in by a conversation Jillian Reynolds was having with Steve Edwards about what “blood libel” meant.  Apparently Steve had said it that morning (because he’s an “actual” journalist who couldn’t get an “actual” job because he’s not that “good”) and there were tweets pouring in to poor Jillian asking what the hell this silly “blood libel” phrase meant.  Jillian was confused.  Wah.

Actual Problem:  Aside from the fact that this nonsense gets air – making the air is more polluted with bullshit than car exhaust – no one should EVER tweet a question about something that could be answered by using the same internet connection they are using for said tweet to look that shit up.   Again, to clarify, if you have enough bandwidth to ask a question, you have enough to find it yourself. The only time anyone should ask another person anything is in a classroom or a cave.

Actual Actual Problem: Yeah, that’s the mood I’m in today.  Suck it, world.

2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Look it Up KTTV!!!

  1. I second

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