Here’s the Problem: Oh No You Didn’t AC Slater!!!

Here’s the Problem: Doesn’t AC Slater just make you so mad sometimes?!  He’s such a macho pig and has stupid hair and stupid muscles and calls Jessie “hot momma” and changed his name to get into the military academy (seriously, it was Sanchez, look it up).    And I’m not the only one who feels this way.  Another strong willed and logical individual (name unknown) was so upset by this douchebag (slash fictional character) that he did the only thing he could.  He went into a sports bar in Chicago called Mullets and broke a framed photo of Slater in the bathroom.  Yeah!  That’ll show ’em.  Whoever ’em are…

Actual Problem:  Come forward brave man, purveyor of truth.  I think we just found the new governor of Illinois.


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