Here’s the Problem: The Public (aka, Sam) Reacts to Ted Williams

Here’s the Problem:  Ted Williams’ fame went through all 12 destructive stages in a matter or 72 hours.  Take that Lindsay!

Actual Problem:  Alright – take it away Sam…

Sam: So I saw the “Here’s the Problem” about that Ted Williams guy.
I knew the minute I saw him on the morning show circiut that the media was going to tear him down with the over-hyped ferocity that they built him up.
OF COURSE instant success and money is going to be too much for a homeless alcoholic to handle.
Then I was in the dentist chair yesterday and saw his family or whatever on Dr. Phil saying they’ve seen him drink recently
Fuck Doctor Phil!
And fuck early morning talk shows!  They should get back to filling their time with stories about ‘hidden calories in your salad’ and don’t tear this poor man apart.
BAM!  File’s Done!!

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