Here’s The Problem: Hot and Drunk

Here’s The Problem: Thanks to insomnia and the fact that I’m getting old and can no longer pass out when I’m drunk – I got to watch the season premiere of Hot in Cleveland 2x last night! I gave it a woozy, boozy, 2 thumbs up!  But then – as 2am, 3am and then 4am came creeping around and I was STILL awake, I started to ponder this whole Hot In Cleveland deal. Like, maybe I should move and be Hot in Bellevue or Hot in Poughkeepsie? And I could take Lisa with me and we could grab one other friend (maybe one that’s a little less attractive – you know, just to give us the leg up) and then we’d need an old lady….ok maybe this plan and this problem are making no sense.


Actual Problem: Yup – still drunk.


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