Here’s The Problem: 50 Cent, Royal Weddings & Toys for Tots

the royals make you think of Polly Pocket? really Li?

kara: what is the actual problem of Chelsea Handler breaking 50 Cent’s heart?

lisa: oh no!

lisa: hmmm

lisa: something about him getting shot in the face 9 times and still looking younger than her?

kara: AND

kara: with Kate Middleton quitting her job to prepare for the wedding “full time”

lisa: i’m so over the royal wedding nonsense

kara: i know it’s ridic

kara: they don’t even have any power

kara: so she’s quitting her job to be a Pretend Princess

lisa: it’s like the world i always envisioned polly pocket to have

kara: they don’t make good toys anymore

lisa: i wonder if there will be a glow worm available for when we have kids

lisa: assuming we don’t wait till we’re 50 and need to adopt

kara: we won’t be 50

lisa: 48?

kara: all we need is a pretend prince – just like Kate

kara: see how i bring it all full circle?

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